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Being a student is interesting. One day you are all happy with the new semester and the next day you have your exams approaching and you don’t know how to manage your time. Well, in times like these, you need to make an organized schedule to ensure that you get adequate time to study. Things can be a little difficult, especially when you are managing a job with your study. You may feel overwhelmed with the exams and stop everything else to study just but this might not be a good thing.

You need consistency while learning and prioritizing the important tasks to manage your time. Once you have managed your tasks, you have a better chance to stay on track for exam preparation and less stress.

Here we will be sharing a few tips to manage study time. These tips can be used by any student.

  • List down all the tasks that you need to do: Whether you are a university/college student or a high school student, you would have plenty of things to do besides your studies. It is better to list down all the things you are a part of or want to pursue to make a schedule. This may seem basic and ordinary, but it can help you maintain time for everything. You don’t have to prepare at the last minute when you get time for each activity.

  • Create a schedule: Now that all the things are in front of you, you can make a schedule that includes all the tasks at hand. It could include studying at school, studying at home, playing sports or games, music classes, karate classes, and your part-time job. With all these activities, it is crucial to have adequate sleep of 7 to 8 hours. It is necessary to remain focused and alert for any type of activity.

  • Choose your schedule to be flexible but realistic: A day has 24 hours and besides sleeping and eating, you would probably use 8 to 10 hours for socializing. You need to make sure that your schedule is realistic. A full-time university or college student needs to dedicate 35 hours per week including classroom lectures and seminars. This time could be different for a high school student. So, make a flexible schedule that can be adjusted with your priorities at hand in those 8 to 10 hours you get for the day. Don’t forget to have some time for planning as well. It is best that you manage all activities throughout the week rather than doing them at the last minute.

  • Do effective planning: A part of having a flexible schedule is to do effective planning. You should plan your schedule in a way that doesn’t overlap with your other activities or repeat the same activity every day. You should also change your schedule according to the changes in school or at home. For example, the summer and winter schedules need to be different from each other because the activities are different in each season.

  • Avoid procrastination: When there are too many things piled up, students often procrastinate. They delay their tasks until deadlines are near. Sometimes procrastination happens when you have a lot of distractions around you. Different people have different triggers but there are many ways to overcome procrastination. You should analyze your situation and find out why you keep delaying your tasks and what were distractions for you. Based on the findings, you can opt for ways that work for you.

  • Don’t forget to exercise: When it is exam season and you are swamped with work, it is easy to skip exercise, meals, and even sleep but it is not healthy. Keeping your head in the books all day long can hinder your productivity. You could lose focus. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a break from studying and do some exercise to clear your mind. Try a 10-minute run, do 20 push-ups, and squats, or simply do some stretching.

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