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Importance of Nursing Field in the US

In the United States of America, there are one of the best medical and healthcare institutes where thousands of nurses work. The aim of these hospitals and medical facilities is to offer the best services to their people, therefore, they employ nurses that are experienced and skilled. In a country like the US, there are several nursing programs that ensure that their nurses are qualified and trained to handle stressful situations.

Why do people choose the US to study Nursing?

Since the US has one of the best nursing schools and colleges, people from all around the world come to the US to study and make a career in the nursing field. Each year, thousands of people enroll in the nursing field. According to an annual survey based on the results of nursing schools by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, it can be said that the scope of nursing has increased by 6% to 250,856 people in 2020. The two years associate degree programs for nurses is also in full swing but hospitals prefer educated and skilled nurses who can start work quickly. Medical schools are also experiencing a surge in the number of applications in 2021 by 18%.

Why has nursing become popular?

One of the prime reasons for the demand for nurses and doctors happened due to the pandemic. During the pandemic, the hard work done by nurses and health professionals will always be appreciated by everyone. Their role has inspired many people to enroll in masters and doctorate programs. Social media, news outlets, and TV channels have played their part to inspire people to become doctors and nurses during the pandemic. Apparently, in 2020, how to become a nurse was the top trend on Google according to Google trends data. Now it is not easy to become a doctor in the US because only a handful of people actually get to become doctors after years of education. Plus, becoming a doctor in the US is really expensive and the economy has crumbled a little after the pandemic. Therefore, many people have chosen the career of a nurse because it is relatively easy compared to studying medicine. Nursing is also a respectful profession where a person can really make a difference.

Is demand for nursing still high?

However, the demand for nurses may have increased after the pandemic but even before the pandemic when everything was fine, the nursing field was growing. There were 3 million registered and licensed nurses in the United States. This occupation was growing faster than many other professions because the medical field is advancing in its own way. Now more people have access to medical facilities than they did in the past. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is growing 4% higher than many other professions in the US. We could expect 7% growth from 2029 to 2029 if the pandemic wasn’t there.

Overall, it could be said that the nursing occupation is getting bigger because of job security and job satisfaction. In the long run, nurses tend to feel satisfied with their work while many other high-level jobs don’t offer satisfaction.

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