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The work of a registered nurse is in high demand in various medical fields. In reality, some of RNs might surprise you with their work setting. Some registered nurses might work as legal consultants, Research, camps, correctional facilities, schools, patient homes, magazine firms or take part in missionary work. To become a registered nurse, you need to go through various interesting work situations to decide. For those who don’t like or are scared of hospitals and clinics job. Now they can decide where to start their profession. We had an interview with one registered nurse, who took a series of various jobs in healthcare and provide insight into different options to choose from that may interest you. After exploring the range of options, you will understand the RN’s duties and work environment. The purpose is to find the right fit that matches your interest.


The team of medical experts are helping to make sure that summer camps are the safest place for all children. Being a camp nurse, you will perform a set of duties while spending time at scenic camp. Jennifer is a registered nurse and she reminiscences her experience as a camp nurse as delighting and worthwhile. she adored working with kids in a charming environment, some of her duties were pulling splinters out, wound care, administering medication, and consulting with parents. She also says that camp nursing is a wonderful option for a new Graduate nurse who loves nature and looking to enhance their skill set.

Correctional facilities

Due to the rise of crime in America number of prisoners is increasing. Also, the healthcare needs in correctional facilities. Nurses provide care to prisoners for a variety of medical problems from diabetes to PTSD. It should be mentioned that collaborating with an imprisoned person comes with considerable risk and require a person with an interest to provide patient care to a threatening patient.


Being a nurse in school or in college. Nurses provide basic care like checking vitals and assisting in need of urgent care from a doctor. Jennifer remembers being appointed to work at the high school that had two students with Type 1 diabetes. she was responsible for assisting them assess their blood sugar prior to meals and administer insulin when required.

Patient homes

There is a large number of registered nurses working in patient homes. Providing care to elderly persons and those with disabilities, home nurses assist you with administering medical care and managing bodily functions.

Ambulances nurse

Nurses provide first aid to patients in need of urgent medical attention prior to reaching the proper medical facility. The treatment is given by a nurse on spot or during inpatient transit. These nurses usually treat patients in critical conditions, which is why it is important for those nurses to think quickly perform first aid and stay calm.

Magazine Firms

Working in a magazine firm is not a common path for a registered nurse, but nurses are looking to switch and want to become consultants or nursing writers. some of them might be offering services such as writers, proofreading, and editing biomedical research papers, or a script consultant for a live show.

Missionary Clinics

Nurses who provide patent care over the globe in hospitals and clinics are usually maintained by humanitarian and non-profit organizations. Being a missionary nurse is to work voluntarily with teams of medical professionals to provide direct patent care and support to people in underdeveloped countries with limited access to healthcare.

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