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A lot of people want to join the medical field after the pandemic because the work doctors and nurses had done is truly remarkable. Doctors are the main stronghold of the medical field but ultimately a hospital can’t run without the help of nurses. That makes us wonder if nurses are considered health workers or administrators for the hospital.

Who is considered a health worker?

Under the federal regulation of the US, a healthcare provider is defined as a Doctor of Medicine or osteopathy, podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, nurse practitioner, nurse mid-wife and a clinical social worker who is authorized or has licensed from the State law or Christian Science Practitioner to practice or perform the medical procedure according to his or her related fields. Anyone who offers a health plan of any kind and has received a medical certification could also be referred to as a healthcare worker. So, the answer to your question of if nursing students are considered health worker is yes, the nurses are considered health workers.

How many health workers are there in the US?

The Healthcare industry is growing in the US, and it is expected to grow even more. According to Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey (ACS), there were 22 million health workers in the US healthcare industry back in 2019 making it the fastest growing industry in the US. This number also accounts for 14% of all US workers. More than seven million people worked in general medicine, surgical and specialty hospitals, while 2 million worked at outpatient care centers and almost 2 million worked at nursing care facilities which include childcare services, old age homes, private clinics, and volunteer places.

What are the popular healthcare occupations to consider?

If you want to become a healthcare worker, there is more than one way to become one. There are more than 9.8 million people employed as health care workers. These workers include healthcare technicians, practitioners, physicians, surgeons, and registered nurses. The 5.3 million people work as nursing assistants, home health, and personal care aides for many people. All of these people have jobs and they are earning their bread and butter through these jobs. Anyone interested to become a healthcare worker can apply in any of these mentioned fields.

Another great thing about the healthcare field is that it doesn’t matter which background you come from. You can enroll in any of the programs based on your competencies. You could be black, white, Hispanic, or Asian, you could always prove yourself through your talent and work in this industry. Male and females can both work in the healthcare industry. Paramedics, surgeons, and other physicians are male whereas nursing assistants are mostly nurses. However, males and females are both seen working in the healthcare industry of the US. Both genders are given the same opportunities and the annual earnings for male and female healthcare workers can range from $28,686 to $68,509 based on their ranks and experience in the hospital. The number of nurses and gender variation could be different in each US state.

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