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The purpose of the literature review is to gather data, arguments, and existing knowledge in the form of a summary without adding your stance. When a researcher uses the existing material to form an opinion, it becomes research. Even if there are good and bad aspects of something, you could use them to write about it. It will only reveal the details of research on a particular topic. And the details of profound knowledge will help the literature review to form a direction.

What is the common perception of literature review and how it is different from reality?

The common perception of the literature review is summarizing data from renowned sources such as journals and articles. Many people tend to believe that articles and journals are developed by authors who have conducted scientific research over the years and then created a manuscript. But in reality, the authors don’t do any research on their own but used facts and figures published by other resources.

Some of the common resources that are frequently used by research authors include the following:

  • 1. Scholarly books

  • 2. Scientific papers published by various organizations

  • 3. Latest studies in the field

  • 4. Fundamental school of thought in the field

  • 5. Relevant articles from renowned scientific journals

  • 6. Other valid resources

All these sources are used to do the following

  • 1- It helps the researcher to summarize the main point by adding brief information.

  • 2- The brief information is restructured and reorganized according to the researcher’s point of view.

  • 3- During the research, critical evaluation of a concept or a school of thought is also done to give direction to the research.

  • 4- By adding everything in brief detail would allow the author and its reader to know the extent of knowledge used in the research. The researcher would identify the literature that is relevant to the topic, and he or she would evaluate and encapsulate this literature. Furthermore, among the pool of literature, the author will correlate with the one that goes well with his or her topic and contrast the literature that doesn’t resonate with the topic of the research.

Importance of literature review

A literature review is very important for any research. Different scientific manuscripts are used to make an analytical feature that enables the author to state his or her point of view to indicate its significance. Using citations, references, and facts add legitimacy to research in various ways. If research has plenty of renowned resources, then it could be useful to many other upcoming researchers who want to do a related study or similar research. The updated version of old research will be exactly what any new researcher hopes to find and get a quote from there. Having a literature review also helps the reader to understand the contradictions associated with a particular field to establish facts. If research lacks its weightage, then the research gap can also be made visible with a literature review. A good literature review can be used to form a precise research question as well.

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