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Although studying and working are both different tasks, some people have to do them at the same time. Managing both of them can be a struggle for people. Even if it is not a full-time job or an online study schedule, the pressure to manage them both is real. The university hours are longer than what is listed on the timetable because some of the concepts take longer to understand. Not to mention that you need time to prepare assignments and study for several hours for exams. This is difficult when you also have a job and the unexpected shifts of work that come along with studying. It is necessary to manage them both otherwise it is hard for you to maintain the balance.

Here we are sharing a few tips that can help you maintain the balance between work and study.

1- Make sure to make a written schedule:

Well, if you want to maintain a balance between studying and working, the first step is to make a written schedule. By now you have heard of planners, so get one for yourself. if you don’t want to have that, use your phone planner. Write down your schedule for the upcoming days, weeks, and even months. This will help you plan out your days with work and study schedules. Make sure to keep the work light when you are studying late in the exam season and keep the work shifts log when you don’t have many classes. Even if there are some unexpected changes, make sure to shuffle your schedule according to your needs.

2- Stick to your schedule:

Surely, making a schedule can be beneficial but it can only work if you stick with this schedule. If you don’t follow a schedule, it is going to cause problems for your work and for your study. But it is also necessary to make a realistic plan. If you don’t make a plan according to your needs, you won’t be able to follow it. You better have a serious reason to switch schedules if you decided to go against the schedule. For many people, making plans is easy but sticking to them is difficult knowing that it is important for your own good.

3- Letting your boss know that you are studying:

Things will be easier for you if you tell your boss that you are studying so he or she might be open to giving you flexible work shifts. Letting them know in advance ensures that they understand if you take emergency leave or come late to the work.

In the same way, it is necessary to let your tutor know that you are doing a part-time job. They won’t be able to lighten your workload, but they may offer you advice to balance work and study. They may be able to give advice on the pressing issue that you are facing.

4- Don’t go out of the way to earn more:

If you are studying a difficult course then concentrating on work may not be best for you. Of course, you want to make money but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise the money that you have already spent on studying. Besides, if you are doing work and studying, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. If it is easy, then go ahead but if it is difficult then don’t risk your health. Sometimes things aren’t worth it when you forced them on yourself. Instead, you could take some time off and let your mind recharge with creativity.

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