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Both work and study are important aspects of life. You have to study to get a degree because it allows you to get a good job and that work ensures that you afford many things in life. Especially, your university and college degree can make your dreams come true. And it is not only related to the job because while you study you also interact with people and make friends with them. You acquire plenty of contacts and learn new skills and these will help you in your life.

If you are studying and then land on a job it is great but managing work and study simultaneously is difficult. Many people don’t have much finances so they self-support themselves by having a side hustle. For some, it is a part-time job but some of them do full-day jobs and enroll in online degree programs to save time. But studying and working can leave people exhausted therefore, it is really necessary to maintain a balance between them. If you are in a similar position and want to keep the work and studying, then here we are sharing a few tips that can be useful for you.

1- Do planning:

If you are enrolled in any sort of study program, you should make an effort to learn the most from it. Cramming and getting your assignments done by someone else should be the last resort. You are paying for the study program so don’t let that money go to waste. Plan when you can study and at that time it doesn’t interfere with your work. Prioritizing work when you are not studying and planning is the only way to maintain a balance between studying and working. You can keep a planner to write down a schedule to follow. Write down the important deadlines so you don’t end up in crisis. Lastly, stick to your schedule.

2- Commit only to what you can handle:

If you are a medical student or enrolled in a law school and go to university or college on daily basis, it is better that you commit to an easy part-time job. You can’t commit to something that is physically challenging and requires long hours. Surely, with study programs, you won’t have time to spend on your job so commit only to small gigs. You should be aware of your limits. If you work more than your capacity, you will end up getting sick. So, stay in your capacity and prioritize what is important.

3- Utilize your time well:

Everyone gets 24 hours a day. Some use them well and finally reach their goals while some waste their time on so many unnecessary things and never reach their goals. So, if you are working and studying simultaneously, you need to utilize your time on things that are important to you at the moment. It is best to stay focused and avoid procrastination. Remove all distractions such as social media by deleting these apps. Take small breaks to keep your mind productive and make sure to relax properly. But university time is a one-time experience so make sure to have fun with friends and have a memorable time.

4- Communicate with your employer:

If you are a student and have been working a part-time job, you should tell your employer that you are a student. It is good to tell them in advance because it helps you maintain a good relationship with your employer. You want to be honest and wouldn’t want to compromise your work ethic for some money. The employer would also know not to burden you with extra shifts because of your student status.

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