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Students during their academic life face various internal and external expectations placed upon their shoulders which cause them stress. Teenagers are most vulnerable to the problems connected with academic stress as transitions occur at an individual and social level. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the sources and effects of academic stress in order to develop adequate and efficient intervention approaches. A study used a quantitative research design where applicants were assessed using Academic Stress Scale from four courses namely, commerce, management, basic sciences, and humanities. Furthermore, the five dimensions of sources such as personal inadequacy, interpersonal difficulties with teachers, fear of failure, teacher-student relationship, and inadequate study skills were further analyzed, and gender differences were also analyzed. Understanding the sources of stress would enable the development of effective counseling modules and involvement strategies by school psychologists and counselors in order to support students ease stress.

College Stress

Almost every student experiences stress to some extent, and certainly no exception for college students. A number of college students report dealing with various levels of stress throughout college for a number of distinct reasons. While Stress affects everyone differently and for different reasons, every individual responds to stress in his own way. But this does not have to stop you or prevent you from achieving your goals.

Here are some strategies to help reduce and manage stress in college.

Find out the reason why are you stressed.

College students usually experience stress because of increased obligations, an absence of good time management, changes in eating and sleeping habits, and not taking an adequate number of breaks for self-care. Moving to college can be a source of stress for almost every first-year student. Some inevitable stressful times for students include studying for exams, competing for admissions or internships, and trying to grasp large amounts of content in a small period of time. Sudden changes and unanticipated challenges or disturbing events can be unpredictable sources of stress. Students are supposed to make decisions about their careers and academic life and adopt new meaningful relationships during their time in college. Take some time to think about the things in your life that might be causing you stress so that you can better address it effectively.

How does stress affect you negatively?

A small amount of stress for limited periods of time can be healthy and helps you perform well, as good stress can help us encourage ourselves to prepare for exams or make positive adjustments in our lives. However, stress can become harmful when it occurs for a longer duration or is chronic when our bodies do not have a clear symptom of when to return to normal functioning. Chronic high stress has numerous negative effects on our bodies as well as on the brain. It can interfere with studying or class attendance and affect cognitive processes such as attention and concentration contributing to major health issues such as depression, anxiety heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

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