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Stress comes in several forms, as the human ability for worrying is unlimited. Apart from the usual guesses of exams and grades, stress also comes via the inability to adjust to life outside of your comfort zone and deal with a new social circle besides your childhood friends and family.


Midterms and finals accounted for the top source of stress at 31%, class workloads were third at 23%, and homework placed fourth at 13%. 36.5% of college students pointed to stress as the major reason why their academic performance suffered badly for the past 12 months. In addition, 29.5 % listed anxiety as a factor in the US. 61% of teenagers admitted feeling a lot of pressure to get good grades. In contrast, 29% feel pressured to look good, 28% need to fit in socially, and 21% feel the pressure to participate in extracurricular activities and be good at sports.

Bullying and harassment

About 29% of college students in the US are victims of bullying.In the United States, 37% of middle and high school students between the ages of 12 and 17 have experienced cyberbullying.24% of American female students are more likely to get bullied at school compared to 17% of males.

Distance from family

More than 30% of college students feel homesick. While 69% of freshmen reported a feeling of severe homesickness.About 92% of over 1 million international students say they miss their home while studying abroad in the US.57% of international students say it is the physical experience they find missing, while 74% say they miss the noises of their hometowns.These noises include people chatting in their native language (50%), local community hustle and bustle (26%), public transport sounds (25%), and native wildlife (20%).

Financial concerns

The average public university costs over $20,000 annually, while private institutions cost at least double or more per year in the US.32% of students admitted that their studies are sometimes neglected due to money problems. About 60% of college students in the US worry about not being able to pay for their studies. While 70% of students in the United States are stressed about their financial health. To afford tuition in the United States, 43% of full-time and 81% of part-time students work during their off-study hours. In the United States, about 64% of college students take loans to finance their studies. 33% of college students with loans payable less than $10,000, while 20% payable more than $30,000. Nearly 30% of college students reduced their class load, 16% took a break from attending school, and 13% transferred to another school, probably a cheaper institution due to the money they owed in loans,

Student mental health issues

The rate of students with suicidal thoughts or other suicide-related consequences increased by 47% from 2008 to 2017 (from 7.0% to 10.3%) in the US. Mental health clinicians believe that depression, anxiety, and stress are the top concerns for college student patients in the US. Corresponding to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 80% of students report feeling stressed occasionally or often, while 34% felt depressed.

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