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The nursing profession is highly in demand, and it has gotten more attention after the wake of covid-19. It is not just in the US, but nurses are continuing to make difference all over the world throughout their careers. Nurses have to care for the sick, but they are doing so within the resources and knowledge available to them. But in recent years, their role has gained significant popularity. Now nurses are highly skilled and well-educated professionals that work side by side with the doctors in every hospital.

Today, we will be discussing how nurses help the community.

1- Promoting health:

Nurses play an important role in promoting health in the US. One of the leading health concerns is heart disease in the US and many more people have died because of heart problems in the US than any other disease according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, heart diseases can be prevented with proper diet and exercise. Nurses can play their part to raise awareness by working in public health clinics and community centers. Here, nurses can teach the communities about health by taking proper nutrition, portion size, and exercise that help them reduce the risk of heart diseases.

2- Risk reduction:

Whenever there is an emergency or outbreak or any viral infection, nurses are deployed in that area to reduce the risk of that particular outbreak or viral infection. For instance, if a country is going through a hard time because of a disease, the UN or WHO will send a team of doctors and nurses there as a part of medical aid to reduce the risk of infection spread. By taking timely action, the chances of diseases and infection can be reduced. When such a situation arises, the nurses can volunteer and join non-profit organizations, shelters, and public clinics.

3- Disease Management and Control:

Another vital role played by nurses is their participation in disease management and control. This includes vaccination for children’s diseases such as measles, rubella, and mumps. Furthermore, seasonal flu shots and booster shots when people have to make a trip abroad are handled by nurses as a part of disease prevention. In addition to vaccines, nurses also spread awareness by educating people about hand washing techniques and keeping themselves clean. They also let people know about the risks of potential diseases and how these people can keep themselves safe.

4- Taking care of people at almost every place:

Nurses tend to work at schools, community centers, prisons, mental health facilities, churches, clinics, and even cruise ships beside the hospitals. The goal of these job opportunities is to ensure the health of every person. People trust the nurses and come to them with their problems and nurses tend to these people’s needs to keep the healthy during times of distress. While working in these institutions, nurses also collect evidence-based research that is used to understand different behaviors of people.

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