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Homework is an important part of engaging students outside of classrooms. It has proven to be beneficial for all age groups ranging from below primary level to higher education. But it can only be proved to be good when students try them and benefit from them.

How does homework affect students?

Homework tends to affect students’ personal health, social life, and grades. The long hours spent on homework can leave students unmotivated and overwhelmed. This drains their energy and navigating what is beneficial and what is frustrating can be really problematic.

Many research studies have shown that homework was a leading factor in increasing stress. A study was done by Stanford University. According to that, 56% of the students considered their homework a primary source of stress. Long hours of homework can result in a lack of sleep, headaches, exhaustion, and even weight loss. But at the same time, students who spend more time studying have no option but to eat fast food. This also tends to cause them problems with excessive weight gain.

Students who have to study for long hours also tend to miss out on extracurricular activities. Missing these activities cause them to stay indoors and keep their focus on learning instead of trying new physical challenges. This can sometimes leave them isolated from the rest of the world and it is a cause of stress for them.

Too much studying can also cause burnout among students. Keeping the focus on just one thing can hinder one’s productivity, especially in learning. It can overburden the students and hinder their abilities to solve problems in real-life scenarios.

It is evident that homework is beneficial for students but only if there is the right amount of it. excessive homework can cause stress. Canadian students tend to spend the most time on homework in Western countries. It is 75 minutes which is definitely more than an hour. The students from grades 1 and 2 tend to spend 20 minutes on homework which is more than the recommended limit. Experts suggest that 10 minutes of homework is enough per grade level. Homework is good when students are enthusiastic about learning. Studies show that students in kindergarten are the most enthusiastic about learning new things. but as the kid grows, the level of enthusiasm tends to decline. By the 5th grade, the student’s enthusiasm is 50% with supportive parents.

72% of parents feel that school is pressuring students for homework because 1 in 3 parents have hired a tutor for homework study. Kids are stressed and it even causes them health problems.

What is the solution?

The solution to reducing stress is to get support from teachers and parents. Communicating with the teachers and parents about the expectations and the difficulties you encounter is recommended. It is best to review the homework of your child to know how he or she is doing. Teachers can also do that and engage parents to know more about their child’s feelings regarding homework.

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