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Are you thinking about joining nursing school? Well, if you are, then know that it is a great career choice that will be rewarding as well. But like any other career, nursing can be a challenging career but rest assured, it is an exciting one. One thing that most people think is that nursing school is easy, but this perception is wrong. Nursing school requires you to study the same as any other competitive field. The nursing courses have the same difficulty level that might be experienced by other students in their fields of interest. Many programs require a high GPA, excellent academic score, and prerequisites of Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Math type of subjects.

Here we have compiled a few things that nobody is willing to tell you about nursing.

1- You will be required to pull all-nighters:

A lot of people have the wrong perception that becoming a doctor is hard, but nursing is easy. This is wrong as nursing is challenging. You can take a look at the curriculum for the John Hopkins School of Nursing. John Hopkins is among the top three nursing schools in the US and here nurses have to complete 50 credits and 500 clinical hours to finish the Master’s in Science in Nursing program. As for the bachelor candidates, it might take longer for them to finish their studies. It takes 4 years to earn an undergraduate degree from John Hopkins. However, if they want to complete their degree faster, nursing students are forced to take the extra course during their tenure. And each course will need you to appear in the mid-term and final exam in one semester.

Due to the pressure of studying different courses in one semester, many students have to pull in all night to cover the study material. For nursing students, cramming is not the solution. Students have to understand the basic concepts and then pass the exam. Adequate sleep is also needed to retain memory and stay focused during exams. So, if you want to join the nursing field, be sure to consider this.

2- You might get burnout:

To stay focused on your studies, one might get burnout. It is a well-known fact that nurses in training often get stressed due to their hectic schedules. So much research has shown that nurses tend to be stressed out and opt for negative coping methods to process the challenges of nursing. Students who have to study harder have also experienced health issues due to stress. However, now hospitals and nursing schools are working on developing programs that handle fatigue and burnout among nursing students. To reward nurses, the nurses are given more benefits than any other job, they get job stability, personal satisfaction, and the ability to move careers for growth and high salaries.

3- Nursing might require you to spend some money out of your pocket:

Almost every degree in the US can cost you too much to take student loans and nursing is no exception. The average cost of a Bachelor of Nursing Science (BSN) degree can cost between $40,000 to $200,000. It could go up to 6 figures which means students have to spend out of the way for their studies in nursing schools.

Lastly, we would suggest that if you want to go down this path, make sure to know other details as well and then enroll in the nursing field.

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