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Students all over the world dread homework because they would rather be playing outside, hanging out with friends, or playing games when they aren’t in school. But this behavior of children becomes serious when homework is too long or complicated. Children’s resistance to homework could be more intense than having fun and the reason behind it could be anxiety associated with homework. It is a legitimate condition when children fear doing their homework. Let’s read more about it down below:

What is homework anxiety?

Homework anxiety is common among students. It is a condition where students stress about their homework and fear it. Due to that, students delay their homework and while doing so, students feel anxious because they have less time to complete their work. Delaying work could put them under pressure. The homework pressure could cripple the abilities of intelligent and perfectly capable students which is why it is important to address homework anxiety among students. Some students even get worse grades because of this anxiety.

What triggers homework anxiety?

Usually, every student tends to have some anxiety about his or her homework and it is common. But multiple factors cause feelings of fear and stress. Some of the triggers for homework anxiety are as follows:

  • 1- Anyone who suffers from anxiety and worry, in general, will develop feelings of fear and stress about his or her homework.

  • 2- Students tend to feel scared of homework if it is associated with upcoming tests and quizzes. Since homework, assignments, and tests are all used to weigh in the final CGPA, students feel anxious and such type of homework triggers their anxiety.

  • 3- Students who generally have lower grades tend to feel a sense of anxiety while learning in school and doing their homework.

  • 4- Students who have parents, siblings, tutors, or other types of help at home tend to do better but those who lack this type of support will be anxious to do their homework.

  • 5- Students who always perform better may get anxious if their homework is not perfect. Their perfectionism in assignments and tasks may cause them to procrastinate and this triggers their anxiety.

How to overcome homework anxiety?

If you want to overcome homework anxiety for your child or yourself, here are some of the tips that can help you.

  • 1- Set a proper time for homework: Make sure to set a time for homework. It shouldn’t be done at any time. Make sure to set a time that comes after your school rest and doesn’t cause you to stay awake at night. At that time, students must complete their assignments and homework.

  • 2- Set limits to homework time: Ensure that there is a time limit for students to finish their homework. If there is more than one student, ask them all to finish their work within that time. Time can be set according to the grade children are in. It could be an hour maximum for primary school kids.

  • 3- Be there to support your kids while doing work: Make sure your kid has support while doing his or her homework. This can help children do the work and they don’t feel pressured or scared of homework. They will ask for help when needed.

  • 4- Teach your kids to deal with anxiety: If a child feels overwhelmed by homework anxiety, teach him to take deep breaths and opt for a short walk to calm down the nerves. It can help them refocus their brain on homework.

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