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Technology has made our life so easy. It has incorporated its way into our lives and now we are so dependent on technology that nothing can be done without the use of technology. Due to the help of technology, studying has become so easy. Online education has allowed people to enroll in courses without attending college or school physically. You can take classes remotely by sitting at your home or your office. The exams can also be taken online and once the degrees are earned online; people can land the jobs as well remotely. In a way, the world has become so flexible, and it is all because of technology.

These days you can get an online nursing degree by taking online classes. Some of them are working and it is hard for them to attend school regularly, so they signed up for online classes because it is easy for them. But like anything else, it has its pros and cons. So, if you are thinking of pursuing an online nursing degree, here are a few pros and cons that you should know.


1- Convenient:

Signing up for an online nursing degree is easy if you have a full-time job, family, and other priorities. It is not easy to manage the fees of any education, so some people have to do full-time or part-time jobs to earn money to pay off student loans. Online nursing courses have flexible class schedules, and extended deadlines for assignments, and don’t require physical presence that’s why it is convenient for many people.

2- You can enroll in any nursing program:

Some nursing schools in the US have a great reputation but not everyone can enroll in these schools. Some live too far, some can’t afford it, and some have other commitments. But if these nursing schools have online programs, then all these people can enroll in programs that they wanted to while living far.

3- Online study is affordable:

These days quality education is expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to afford ivy league universities. But there are plenty of other reasonable options such as enrolling in an online study program by a university that is recognized by CNNE. It can be affordable for many people.


1- Digital interaction with classmates and teachers:

In a traditional setting, people tend to make friends with their classmates a social interaction occurs with the teachers that can be remembered by the students for the rest of their lives. Some of the friendships can also last for decades. But in online studying, only digital interaction happens, which is not as strong as having real social interaction. In the digital setting, you will be relying on emails or some data for asking any queries and real interaction might never happen.

2- You won’t have any study schedule:

The online nursing programs are flexible so you can study at your own pace, which can make you lazy. You will be tempted to postpone your lectures and assignments until the deadline is near. Exhaustion from work and other things can make it difficult to set a schedule as well. So, it is hard to set up a balanced study schedule which can hinder your progress to living a better life.

3- Lack of accreditation:

There are so many nursing students who are enrolled in non-accredited BSN or RN programs. But since their institutes are not recognized, it will be harder for them to get a job. It is paramount that people ensure accreditation before enrolling in any online degree. If you can’t be eligible for the NCLEX exam, then what’s the point of the study and spending money?

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