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A career in the nursing field is blooming and one can get an idea of its popularity by looking at the numbers. The new data from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (ACCN) suggest that more people have chosen this field after the pandemic as compared to the previous years. The students have enrolled themselves in baccalaureate, masterís, and doctoral levels.

The enrollment increases in nursing programs

The increase is significant after the pandemic. Despite the concerns of the fact that another pandemic may break again and jeopardize a career, people are still looking forward to the positive sides of nursing. Peopleís interest in the field of nursing has increased because of the important role played by nurses during the pandemic in 2020. The new statistics show that the enrollment number of registered nurses at the baccalaureate level is increased by 5.6%. approximately, 251,145 students are now studying in the US. According to the AACN annual survey, these statistics are based on the data reported from 956 of 1035 nursing schools in the US. 92% of nursing colleges and schools have responded with their data. However, this number was reported back in 2021, and we may be getting a new number now as 2023 is approaching.

Not only this, but AACN has also increased the enrollment seats across all boards because of the high demand in the nursing field. This could act as a catalyst for improving patient care and encouraging nurses to advance their careers through education. Timely education and preventive measures can also result in keeping the communities safe. Surely, the pandemic has disrupted the momentum of the healthcare industry but there is an opportunity to make it better so that if another pandemic may break in the future, nurses are equipped to handle the situation and minimize the damage. Having more nurses in the hospital will always ensure a steady supply of nurses and it is necessary if there were another pandemic to happen.

Furthermore, the annual survey 2020 from AACN suggests that there has been a significant increase in nursing enrollment at all levels. And these nursing degrees have the potential for growth for the next 15 years. This means a nursing degree would be a good career path for a lot of people. However, due to high demand, much qualified personnel have been turned away from the four years degree programs. The main reason behind it is that there is a shortage of clinical sites, faculty, and inadequate resources that are crucial. In 2020, around 80,521 qualified personnel have been turned away. This situation calls for immediate action but unfortunately, the AACN has not done anything in this regard. Hopefully, there will be more seats for students to appear in nursing schools but until then, those who canít get through the nursing schools and colleges can opt for the online nursing programs offered by accredited institutions.

The thing is nurses with a 4-year degree are preferred in hospitals and clinical facilities because they tend to make fewer errors and have low mortality rates. They also provide better patient care; therefore, more and more nurses want to have a 4-year degree rather than relying on their associate nursing courses.

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